Monday, October 26, 2015

On the Road - Call for donations - 25/10/2015

Date - 25/10/2015

  • Event Goals (Bengalore Pride Fund Raiser)
  • Awareness of the LGBT Movement
  • Publicity of Pride Events and the march date
  • Collection of donations from public
  • Providing members of the community the chance to contribute
It was a sunny Sunday on MG Road and we arrived in good spirits around 4:20pm. We begun the event by donning our lovingly designed sandwich boards and looked around for our first contact.
We decided to split up into groups of two and we went about talking about pride to passers by, informing them about the various events and their dates and requesting them to provide contributions. Groups: Bikash & Kamlesh, Chanakya & Naveen, Anand & Scott
We moved along MG Road, Brigade Road, Church Street and nearby areas.

We met people across the spectrum, people who were extremely enthusiastic, some who were bemused, some who were in a hurry, some who were curious and many who were generous and wanted to know how they could contribute more
When taking contributions we took down people's names and the amounts they were sharing with the movement and we were incredibly overwhelmed by these allies. The day ended on a very jubilant note and we hope to engage with people across Bangalore more in the future
Donor List with Amounts in Rs
Name Contribution
Shyam 100
Mona 20
Naveen 100
Mohit 20
Tanya 20
Nunzio Martinello 100
Nayana Dasgupta 100
Raveena Rao 100
Apoorva 100
Richi 100
Nayantara 100
Sanjay 50
Swathi 50
Richu 20
Vivian 50
Name Contribution
Ankita 100
Deba Jyoti 50
Monisha 150
Pankaja 100
Edwin 100
RP 50
Jayson 25
Eshan 100
Abhishek 65
Chanakya 100
Vidya 100
Rahul 100
Meenakshi 100
Scott 500
Unaccounted 140

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bangalore Pride 2015 Event Calendar

Bangalore Pride 2015
Event Calendar

19 Oct
7:30 PM
Queer Quiz
@ Urban Solace
23 Oct
6:30 PM
Conversations with Activists
@ Vishranti Nilayam
1 Nov
3:30 PM
Parents/Families Meet
@ Swabhava
Date / Time

8 Nov
7:30 AM
Rainbow Run
@ Cubbon Park
8 Nov
10:00 AM
Garage Sale
@ Alternative Law Forum Terrus
12 & 19 Nov
7:00 PM
Poster Making
@ Swabhava
18 Nov
7 PM
Queer Poetry
@ Paradigm Shift
20 Nov
6:00 PM
Transgender Remembrance Day
@ Town Hall
21 Nov
Queer Street Play
@ CubbonPark-UBCity-Koshys
21 Nov
11:00 AM
Diversity Fair
@ Rococo Gallery
22 Nov
1:30 PM
Bangalore Pride Walk
@ Majestic City Stn